We proudly serve Southern Idaho with 24 great locations! Locally owned and operated, our locations feature mouth watering favorites like Krispy Krunchy Chicken, Wendy’s, Subway, Papa Kelsey”s, McDonald’s, Hot Stuff Breakfast & Pizza, and delicious hot Delis!

Our fast food bars are stocked with Gourmet to Go hot dogs, Bahama Mama Sausages, Tornados, Chicken Roller Bites, and nachos.

Krispy Kreme and Jim Bobs doughnuts are delivered fresh daily to select locations.

Our locations serve premium Java Falls coffee. An Oasis Stop ‘N Go exclusive. Always hot, fresh and at a great price.

For your vehicle you will find the Shell or Chevron brand, only the highest quality gasoline and diesel fuels. Pay at the pump 24 hours daily, all locations.



Oasis Stop ‘N Go brings you another exclusive, our delicious FreshKravings products.




Java Falls


Java Falls premium coffee, a difference you can taste, only at Oasis Stop ‘N Go.

Hi-Rev-South America.  High in flavor, high in caffeine with a serious kick, a truly strong cup of coffee.

Breaktime Blend-A medium – dark roast blend of Central and South American coffees. Full, well – rounded body and flavor.

Coffee House Roast-Central and South America.  Smooth and mild.

Coffee House Roast Decaf-Central and South America.  Smooth and mild.

Hi-Rev French Vanilla-

Café Acanelado-South America.  Cinnamon combined with the sweetness of cane sugar, medium roast.

French Vanilla-South America.  Smooth, subtle vanilla flavor.  Rich, medium body.

Chocolate Macadamia  Nut-South America.  Nutty, chocolate flavor.  Smooth, sweet and aromatic.

*Rich Cappuccino                     *Steamers (non-caffeine, dairy product)

**Freezers                                   *Fresh Chilled Cream               *Flavored Syrups                     *Toppings

Coffee house taste that satisfies, without the coffee house price!

A truly great coffee is sophisticated yet unassuming, elegant yet accessible, a transcendent experience to be had everyday-authentic, evocative, and true to the moment.  —Boyd Coffee Company


We are proud to participate in the KickBack rewards network with hundreds of other retailers who appreciate their customers.

With your KickBack card you can earn a rebate equal to 1% of your purchases on fuel, lottery, snacks, beverages, and more at Oasis Stop ‘N Go. For every dollar spent, a point is earned and added to the balance on your KickBack card, each point is equal to a penny. Spend earned points like cash. Each time you use your KickBack card you are entered into the monthly and annual prize giveaways. Thousands of dollars in prizes are given away every month, the more you swipe, the more chances you have to win!

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All locations dispense only Shell or Chevron branded fuels, the highest quality fuels for your vehicle. Find out why Shell V-Power can clean up engine deposits that can be left behind by low-detergent gasoline, typically sold at discount gasoline stations, grocery stores and wholesale club stores. Shell and Chevron fuels are rated “Top Tier” by vehicle manufacturers.


Schaeffer Premium Diesel

Save at least 8 cents per gallon on added fuel economy at number 2 diesel pricing.

  • Horsepower and Mileage improvement
  • Cetane Booster
  • Emission Reduction
  • Cleans Injectors and inhibits corrosion
  • Controls moisture
  • De-Icer and lowers Cold Filter Plugging Point





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