Customer Comments


Check out what our customers are saying about us!

“I know what they carry and where everything is. I know I can get in and out in a hurry. I know they have what I want.”

“I choose this store because this store is like a home to me. I have been going to Oasis for more than four years and it just makes me feel like I am at my house whenver I go there. People are great and whenever I walk in they treat me with respect and are always smiling which makes my day even better.”

“Everything I want is at the Stop ‘N Go. It is quick… the drinks are always kept cold. I can get a paper, a doughnut, a drink anytime I want it.”

“You guys are always on top of everything.”

“They have the KickBack Card and it’s just my gas station.”

“I love the way the workers there treat me. They always act like I am a good friend instead of just another customer.”

cust_card“I like all the people that work there. They are friendly and like to joke around, but still make sure the customer is taken care of fast and efficiently.”

“It’s my favorite place to shop and they treat me good.”

“All of the employees are very courteous and helpful. They treat you like they have always known you, and make you feel welcome.”

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