This section is created to answer some common inquiries about our organization, products or services. Find the answers to some of the most common questions asked below.

Q: What is Top Tier Detergent Gasoline Standard?
A: All Shell and Chevron gasolines meet the TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline Standard. Major auto manufacturers agree that a clean engine performs better. BMW, GM, Honda , Toyota, Volkswagen and Audi have developed a TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline Standard that exceeds the EPA standards. TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline is a high-quality gasoline with enhanced cleaning power. It provides better protection against the build-up of carbon deposits on intake valves and fuel injectors, as compared to low – detergent gasolines. All Shell and Chevron gasolines meet the coveted TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline Standard. There is a difference in the gasoline you choose.

Q: What is KickBack?
A: It is a customer appreciation program. When you make purchases at Oasis Stop ‘N Go and participating merchants, you earn redeemable points and chances to win valuable prizes. For every dollar spent at a KickBack location, a card holder will receive 1 to 5 points. Each point is worth 1 cent. www.kickbackpoints.com

Q: Is the KickBack Card free?
A: YES. There is no charge to become a card holder. Not only that, but you are rewarded every time you make a purchase at any of the participating locations. You may then spend your points like cash at any KickBack location. www.kickbackpoints.com

Q: How does Oasis Stop ‘N Go support the Magic Valley communities?
A: Oasis Stop ‘N Go is 100% locally owned and operated. We live and work in the Magic Valley and have a vested interest in the communities we operate in.

Q: Who do I contact to resolve a NSF (non-sufficient fund) check?
A: Oasis Stop ‘N Go does not process NSF checks. You must call Veri-Check at (208) 734-2158

FAQ on Ethanol



Q: What is ethanol
A: Ethanol is an alcohol produced from corn. Ethanol is blended with gasoline in a mixture containing up to 10% ethanol (E10) and 90% gasoline.

Q: Why is there Ethanol in our gasoline?
A: The presence of ethanol in gasoline enables gasoline to burn cleaner and reduce the levels of some harmful exhaust emissions of motor vehicles.

Q: What will ethanol do for my vehicle
A: All cars since the 1980’s are fully compatible with gasoline blended with up to 10% ethanol. All automakers cover the use up to 10% ethanol under warranty. engine performance is similar as if using regular gasoline. Ethanol burns cooler and cleaner than gasoline, which can extend the life of engine valves and spark plugs. Ethanol will also help reduce engine deposits, although gasoline sold by Oasis Stop ‘N Go has high levels of detergent additives that also provide this benefit and has been recognized as “Top Tier” by major auto manufacturers.

Q: Can ethanol be used in small engines, such as boats, lawnmowers, ATV’s and snowmobiles?
A: Yes, major manufacturers of small engines authorize the use of ethanol blends in their products.

Q: Will we deplete food supplies by using corn and other grains for fuel production?
A: No, actually the production of ethanol from corn uses only the starch of the corn kernel. All of the valuable protein, minerals, and nutrients remain. One bushel of corn produces about 2.7 gallons of ethanol AND 11.4 pounds of gluten feed (20% protein) AND 3 pounds of gluten meal (60% protein) AND 1.6 pounds of corn oil.

Q: What other benefits does ethanol provide?
A: Ethanol burns cleaner and thus can lower carbon monoxide levels produced by vehicles by as much as 25% compared to conventional gasoline. And, since ethanol is made from corn produced in the United States, it reduces our dependence on foreign crude oil.